Think what you want of this thread and my post. But I popped into CW today, specifically at Heartsmere house today to have a little peak and to talk to a few people. It seems, Columbus tower, the Phantom Project, I should say will not be going ahead at all what so ever. I swear, I really do hope someone proves me wrong, but its the truth . I sopke to a gentleman at the desk today. Don't know if you know him, but he's been working there for years now. Big bloke, bald, has a tan. Well, I approached him:

Him: "Hello there, I can I help you?"

Me: "Hi, I was just wondering was it Barclays that were in this building?" (just to get the ball rolling. I already knew that)

Him: "Yeh. They moved out into thier new tower accross the Wharf. About half a year, a year-ish."

Me: "In that case wasn't this building meant to be demolished to make way for a new tower? Columbus Tower?"

Him: "Ah, yes. The 50-odd storey tower. Well, this building isn't going to be demolished to make way for that! You see what it was the previous owners applied for planning permission of the tower. The price of the building then rose dramtically due to the planning permission. They then sold it at a sky high price. The new owners, now have control, and are currently refurishing the building with new air con and facilities and all the rest. They don't plan on moving out or building high any time soon. It'll be doubtful that this'll get demolished. You'na what i'm saying?"

Me: "Yeh. Cheers mate."

There you have it Don't believe me, ask the man yourself. Shame really, would've been the tallest until LBT or DIFA, and better yet. The design was really good, very different to the rest of the CW towers.